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About Us

The dream of having a restaurant became a reality when Volcano Express Japanese Grill & Sushi was established in 2022. With its roots in a traditional home kitchen full of rich flavors, Volcano Express is a 'benchmark' for authentic Japanese cuisine. With its innovative cuisine and warm ambiance, what began as a small and modest Japanese restaurant has developed into what it is today, entirely changing Chicago. 

A Restaurant That Explains Culture 


Japanese cuisine is well known around the world, but this cuisine reveals a lot about Japanese culture in addition to being a delicious meal. The culinary traditions in Japan have evolved over many years and provide us with comprehensive insight into the nation's history and the strong feeling of national identity that permeates this place. When you enter, you are immediately enveloped in a cozy atmosphere that combines historic architecture with vintage decor.

We bring out the hidden tastes of each dish using traditional Japanese techniques and the highest-quality ingredients, giving our guests a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Our authentic Japanese cuisine is crafted from natural ingredients worldwide, elevating exquisite dining to a new level. The culinary geniuses here embrace imagination and originality to produce fascinating tastes and delectable aromas that tickle the senses in each meal.

Sushi Roll

We Give You the Finest Of Japanese Cuisine

Every day, we fire up our classic teppan grill to provide you with the freshest meals in a swift. We use premium ingredients and the greatest fish - never compromising on the freshness, flavor, or speed of delivery. Our delectable delights contribute to your true Japanese experience, and then there's our famous teriyaki sauce. Millions have enjoyed it, and we are confident that once you taste it, it will make you crave more.


Our chefs have over 20 years of experience in sushi, teppanyaki, and hibachi restaurants in Asian cuisine, especially Japanese ones. Volcano Express is the culmination of their years of experience gathering and serving the world's best sushi. 

Instead of concentrating on preparing pricey ingredients, our chefs use their incredible abilities to design the most well-known Japanese cuisine. You should not miss the exquisite sushi as it gives you the pleasure of connecting to the Japanese tradition, and you will want to return over and again for such an experience.

Every step, from preparation to presentation, is meticulously performed to provide you with an experience that stands out from the rest.

So don’t you get tired of wandering around seeking some delectable authentic Japanese food? Dine in elegance at this opulent Japanese restaurant. We are happy to serve the Chicago neighborhood. Visit our location today, we look forward to serving you, and we will make sure you return here again.


At Volcano Express, we consistently work to meet the demands of the customers. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have a specific request, and we'll give our best to comply.


Our staff is committed to making your event one-of-a-kind. Come celebrate with your friends and family while dining in a classic ambiance.

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